A remarkable achievement — but we’ve got so much more to do

A remarkable achievement — but we’ve got so much more to do!

OPG's Money Grab

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) wants to increase the rate it receives for power from its nuclear units by a whopping 30% next year. OPG is basically asking to dig into electricity ratepayer pockets at the rate of $755 million a year to pre-pay for rebuilding its aging Darlington Nuclear Station.
OPG is also asking for a significant increase in the rate it receives for power from its heritage hydro projects – dams and power plants that were built many, many decades ago.

New pamphlet: Water power from Quebec beats nuclear hands down

The numbers tell the story: Quebec is exporting clean, renewable water power at half the cost of what Ontario Power Generation optimistically estimates will be the cost of electricity from a re-built Darlington nuclear station.

A crack of light

Today Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli confirmed that the province will not spend upwards of $26 billion on completely unnecessary new nuclear reactors at the Darlington Station.
It’s been evident for some time now that the cost of new reactors would be astronomical, that their power was not needed now, and that there was little likelihood it would needed in the future. 
Now that our energy decision makers’ feet are getting a little closer to the ground, it’s time for them to also come clean about th

Help make low-cost water power from Quebec a Liberal priority

Help make low-cost water power from Quebec a Liberal priority
Right now, the Ontario Liberal Party is asking for your ideas on how to build a better province. They’ve created an online “Common Ground” forum to discuss ideas like how to create a sustainable energy system.

Opportunity Knocks

We’ve said it a thousand times: energy conservation and improved efficiency are the cheapest ways to meet our energy needs and the fastest way to lower greenhouse gas emissions.  And the government listened!
In its discussion paper outlining a new approach to energy conservation, the government says it now sees the value of saving energy before spending more of your money on power supply projects.  This is a real reversal for a province that has always treated conservatio

Speak up for a smarter -- and cheaper -- energy plan

Want to pay less for power?  Think the future lies with green power and efficiency and not with mega costly mega projects?  Then the Ontario Government needs to hear from you today.
This is the final week to make your views heard on the government’s proposed changes to its Long Term Energy Plan.  Here’s a quick recap of the good, the bad, and the ugly of what the government has outlined:
  • Conservation and ef

Shut down Pickering!

Join us in calling on Premier Wynne to shutdown the aging and dangerous Pickering Nuclear Station
Ontario Power Generation wants to push the Pickering Nuclear Station -- located in the heart of the eastern Greater Toronto Area -- past its best-before date.  This plant was designed to operate for 40 years.  But despite a long history of breakdowns, safety issues and poor performance, OPG wants to keep the plant operating beyond its original limits.

Wanted: Your input on Ontario’s energy future

Some things never change. Twenty years ago, Ontario Hydro said electricity use would just grow and grow and the province would need expensive new mega-generating plants to meet this skyrocketing demand. Turns out they were wildly wrong.

Provincial By-Elections: Who will put Ontario’s energy consumers first?

Before voters go to the polls in five provincial by-elections on August 1st they need to know which political parties have realistic plans to reduce our electricity rates and bills. And they need to know which parties are still kidding themselves about the costs and risks of nuclear mega-projects.
Conservation First

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